Apple publishes security updates for 9 year old iPhones

Apple publishes security updates for 9 year old iPhones

Apple recently published iOS 12.5.6, a software update created to solve a specific security problem, and published it for iPhones up to nine years, a time scale that other manufacturers cannot correspond. The iOS 12.5.6 update corrects a vulnerability that could have allowed malicious websites to execute arbitrary code, which should not normally be possible. But unlike some telephone manufacturers, Apple’s security update was not for its last iPhone 13, which had already been corrected. Instead, this update referred to much older devices, including the iPhone 5s. This phone was published in 2013, and the fact that you still receive security updates is notable that companies such as Samsung and Google cannot always compete.

“Apple has a little easier job to provide updates and safety solutions to the iOS universe compared to the highly fragmented Android smartphone market,” said CCS analyst Insight James Manning Smith. “With a much less level of smartphone standards so that Apple is anxious, compared to the wide range of Android phones available in the market, iOS safety update coverage is more manageable.”

Android struggles

The figures confirm the statement that Apple benefits from a more incorrect ecosystem. While Apple’s new update is compatible with an iPhone 5S that is now almost a decade, manufacturers such as Google and Samsung cannot compete.

In comparison, Google covers its Android phones for five years of security updates, while Samsung covers certain devices for the same period. Others must be satisfied with only four years. It is a similar story with others, including OnePlus (three years), Sony (two years) and Motorola (two years). According to these measures, the update of iOS 12.5.6 exceeds everything and everyone, something that greatly benefits iPhone buyers. In terms of choosing an Android phone that will receive safety updates, buyers must look manufacturer will continue to publish security solutions.

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The dream of a used market

While those who buy a new iPhone 14 can easily know that their new combined will receive security updates in the coming years, not only those who buy the new heat that benefit from Apple’s long -term vision. “The iPhones have a more powerful used need reached to most Android smartphones,” Manning Smith counted. They can buy an iPhone that is a bit larger, knowing that it will not remain for security updates before being ready to remedy again, which gives them additional value along the way.

Things are also beginning to improve in the world of Android, although more for buyers of certain manufacturers than others. “Android smartphone manufacturers, such as Nokia / Global HMD, focused largely on promising software and long -term security updates on the context of environmental initiatives, along with sustainable equipment,” said Manning Smith. She added that the current economic uncertainty in the world should make people more aware of the duration of their devices. “We hope more and more responsibilities to update software and safety in the Android market, with software updates that catch a hard life.”

At the moment, however, those who hope to keep their phone longer should spend their money wisely and choose accordingly. “This is a daring and expensive decision of Apple, which means that if security is essential for consumers and that they do not regularly modernize their mobile, then Apple is really the only option,” said Steven Athwal, CEO and founder of the phone. The retainer, the big phone store, told Lifewire through a direct message. “Whatever reason, this is ultimately excellent news for the consumer, and I would like to see all other manufacturers following Apple’s example.”


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