Best 13 characteristics of Android that deserve to be known

Best 13 characteristics of Android that deserve to be known

After four months of beta tests, Android 13 is finally there. The software, called “Tiramisu”, is currently available to many Android users and includes many new features and modifications Google prepared last year.
That said, despite an integer in its name, Android 13 is not an update particularly full of resources. If your phone supports the thirteenth iteration of Android, don’t expect it to revolutionize your mobile experience. But its alright! Changes made by this update to Android are well -known and necessary: ​​equipment that you extend to powerful safety updates, Android 13 is an obligation for all phones that support it.

Which phones are compatible with Android 13?

Today, only Google Pixel phones can update Android 13. As always is the case with Android, others will soon make the update to its devices: Google said this year, Android 13 will be available on “Samsung Galaxy, ASUS, HMD (Nokia Phones), IQoo, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecni, Vivo, Xiaomi and more. Until then, here is the Limited Official List of Android 13 Phones:

  1. Pixel 4
  2. Pixel 4 xl
  3. Pixel 4th
  4. Pixel 4a 5g
  5. Pixel 5
  6. Pixel 5a 5g
  7. Pixel 6
  8. Pixel 6 pro
  9. Pixel 6a

Material you update

Android 12 you project language equipment corresponded to your phone wallpaper color palette with applications and elements from the first Android party. It is a great feature that makes your home screen and your overall Android experience feel for the purpose rather than a mixture of different shades and colors.
Android 13 is taken up where 12 that remain separately: Now you can modify third party applications with equipment you, so that your application icons correspond to the colors of your wallpaper. Google has also expanded tonal pallets available to the equipment you customize – these new “styles” will offer more shadow options to choose by color. After all, Android is a matter of personalization.

Language Parameters by Application

If you talk more about a language, you will probably feel frustrated when you choose a language scale option on Android: Some apps that want one language while other apps want another.
In addition to defining a system language, Android 13 now allows you to define languages ​​by app so you can keep your phone in English while WhatsApp can be defined in French.

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A new multimedia dynamic player

Android 13 multimedia player gets a review. Now it fits according to what you play. Listening to a song, for example, the album illustration takes the entire reader window, while the progression bar becomes “Squigly”, dancing toward the song.

Share explicit photos with apps rather of your whole library
Android 13 occupies one of iOS’s best confidentiality features: When an app requires Google’s photo privileges, you no longer need to give you access to your entire library. Instead, you can choose the photos and videos that the app can see, which makes it perfect for times when you want to share only one specific image with one application.

Your transfer area destroys confidential information

The Android transfer area will erase its content after one hour, ensuring that the spreads spreading the transfer area cannot steal confidential information. GBOard had this segment, but with Android 13, any keyboard you operate can take benefit of this safety segment. Now you also get an alert whenever an application is accessing the transfer area; So keep an eye on any shaded activity.

Copy the elements of an Android device and meet another
Speaking of the transfer area, Android 13 will soon allow to copy and stay among Android devices. You can copy an image of your phone and put it on the tablet or copy your tablet text and follow the phone.

Goodbye, notifications

The Android notification system has been the gold stallion for years. However, notifications are notifications and are often boring. Nothing is worse than the download of a new application, to be spam in hell and return to something that does not care. By default, Android 13 forces applications to provide the possibility of choosing notifications, instead of automatically activating them, which is an excellent change.

Low energy bluetooth audio support (LE)

Android 13 admits Bluetooth Audio, which reduces latency between the audio source and its Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones or a speaker. You must notice the most coherent devices in synchronization after updating.

Turn on the dark mode at bedtime

In addition to traditional planning options for dark mode, you can now choose to change the system issue in the dark at bedtime. If you are not using the dark mode at night, you could enjoy using it just before putting your phone to spend the night.

Space audio support

With space audio support (and compatible headphones), its sound will follow the movements of your head, creating the illusion that the sound occurs around it. It is a more immersive experience when you listen to your favorite songs or see a program or movies.

Distribute your phone conversations to your Chromebook
He is not yet live, but he can soon send SMS to his friends and family from his Chromebook transmitting cats from the email applications of his phone.

Tablets have a new taskbar

Once your tablet has obtained Android 13, you will notice a new taskbar that shows all its applications and allows you to drag and release for an easy multitasking, similar to the iPados. Android 13 can also recognize the different between Palm and Stylus Pen keys, which should reduce the number of accidental presses.

Access intelligent starting devices without unlocking your phone

If your starting intelligent device admits it, you can now control the device without unlocking your phone first. This facilitates the transmission of your phone to a friend to control your lights, music or other device, without having to give up the rest of your phone to do so.

More than one hundred errors corrections

There are a lot of error corrections for Pixel devices with the first official Android 13 of user interface. You can find a complete list of corrected errors of the “help of the Pixel phone” of Google here.


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