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Everything New in Chrome 105

Google pumps a new software for your web browser as a clockwork; Very often, in fact, you can tend to put on new versions when available. Do not jump to Chrome 105, however, it has a lot of unpleasant security vulnerabilities and adds some new features to start.
Google Patches 24 new security vulnerabilities
Chrome 105 Patches 24 Safety exposures seen in earlier versions of the browser, including 21 delivered by third -party investigators. One of these vulnerabilities is considered “critical” and eight is considered a “high” gravity. Although these nine vulnerabilities are particularly important for the patch, it is important to keep in mind that none of them or any of the others is zero. This means that Google has not identified a feat in nature for any, so, in theory, nobody knows how to use these vulnerabilities against you. Yet.

However, Google now publicly recognizes these failures by publishing them as part of the patch, which means that bad actors will inevitably find how to exploit them. Only for this reason, it is worth taking the time to update immediately.
See the 22 faults that Google published in your blog, with the premium granted to researchers, when available. We do not know why the other two patches are not revealed.

[$ Na] [1340253] Critique CVE-2022-3038: Use after free network service. Reported by Sergei Glazunov by Google Project Zero in 2022-06-28
[$ 10,000] [1343348] Alto CVE-2022-3039: Use after free on Websql. Reported by Nan Wang (@ eternalsakura13) and Guang Gong of the 360 ​​Vulnerability Research Institute in 2022-07-11
[$ 9000] [1341539] Alto CVE-2022-3040: Use after free design. Reported by Anonymous on 2022-07-03
[$ 7500] [1345947] Alto CVE-2022-3041: Use after free on Websql. Reported by Ziling Chen and Nan Wang (@ eternalsakura13) of the 360 ​​Vulnerability Research Institute in 2022-07-207-20
[$ 5000] [1338553] Alto CVE-2022-3042: Use after the phonehub. Reported by Koocola (@alo_Cook) and Guang Gong of the 360 ​​Research Institute on Vulnerability in 2022-06-22
[$ 3000] [1336979] HIGH CVE-2022-3043: Overflow of buffer tas in screen capture. Reported by @Ginggilbesel on 2022-06-16
[$ Na] [1051198] HAUTE CVE-2022-3044: Inappropriate implementation in site isolation. Reported by Lucas Pinheiro, Microsoft browser vulnerability research at 2020-02-12
[$ TBD] [1339648] Alto CVE-2022-3045: insufficient validation of unreliable entry in V8. Reported by Ben Nordhuis on 2022-06-26
[$ TBD] [1346245] Alto CVE-2022-3046: Use after free label in the browser. Informed by Rong Jian de Vri on 2022-07-21
[$ 7000] [1342586] Half CVE-2022-3047: Insufficient application of politics in API extensions. Reported by Maurice Dauer on 2022-07-07
[$ 5000] [1303308] Half CVE-2022-3048: Inappropriate implementation in Chrome Os Lockescreen. Reported by Andr.ess on 2022-03-06
[$ 3000] [1316892] Middle CVE-2022-3049: Use after free on Splitscreen. Reported by @Ginggilbesel on 2022-04-17
[$ 3000] [1337132] Middle CVE-2022-3050: Overflow of Buffer Tas on Webui. Reported by Zhihua Yao de Kunlun Lab in 2022-06-17
[$ 2000] [1345245] Half CVE-2022-3051: overflow of tampo tas in the exosphere. Reported by @Ginggilbesel on 2022-07-18
[$ 2000] [1346154] Middle CVE-2022-3052: overflow of tas pad in the window administrator. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2022-07-21
[$ TBD] [1267867] Half CVE-2022-3053: Inappropriate implementation in the pointer blocking. Written by Jesper van den Ende (Pelican Party Studios) on 2021-11-08
[$ TBD] [1290236] Half CVE-2022-3054: Insufficient policy application in Devtools. Reported by Kuilin Li in 2022-01-24
[$ TBD] [1351969] Middle CVE-2022-3055: Use after free passwords. Reported by Weipeng Jiang (@krace) and Guang Gong of the 360 ​​Research Institute on Vulnerability in 2022-08-11
[$ 3000] [1329460] under CVE-2022-3056: Insufficient policy application in content security policy. Reported by Anonymous on 2022-05-26
[$ 2000] [1336904] under CVE-2022-3057: Inappropriate implementation in IFRAME SANDBOX. Reported by Gareth Heyes on 2022-06-16
[$ 1000] [1337676] under CVE-2022-3058: Use after the free connection flow. Raven report in Kunlun Lab on 2022-06-20
[1357881] several corrections of internal, confusing and other initiatives audits
However, not only security corrections make Chrome 105 an update. As Joe Fedewa reported Gow-to Geek, 105 has some new features that you can produce now.

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Web applications now have Windows checks.

Throughout several updates, Chrome has made improvements in progressive web applications (PWA), providing them with more functions and making them look more complete. Chrome 105 adds window controls for PWA, which gives developers the possibility of adding controls such as closing, minimizing and maximizing, as well as several options in the menu bar.

Improvements as in the situation in Chrome for Android

Android users have already had an image in the image (or PIP) in Chrome. When a video is in reading, leave the application on the home screen and PIP is activated. However, Chrome 105 facilitates the trigger for PIP and more obvious. You do not need to know intuitively to leave a video to take advantage of the functionality.

Chromebooks see huge improvements for window management

If you are a Chromebook user, Chrome 105 adds an impressive window management solution. You can now place its windows in the same way as Windows 11, which allows you to quickly place two windows next to the other, to give more space to one window in another, or have a floating window in the other.
This option is still in the tests, but it can activate it from its flag chrome: // flags / # partial-supit. After doing so, you will see mosaic options when you fly on your cursor in the window controls.

How to update Google Chrome

Its Chrome application can be updated, because Google has an automatic update function instead. However, the company may take weeks to implement new updates for users, leaving it vulnerable in the meantime. If you want this update and all its characteristics now, you will have to update manually.



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