How to identify counterfeit Airpods

How to identify counterfeit Airpods

Airpods is great, elegant and expensive. If you have the possibility to buy these popular earphones of a discount, in particular a strong discount, you will obviously be interested. However, this enthusiasm feeds the fake airpods market, so much so that Apple included Airpods check control in iOS 16. So how can you protect yourself against being fooled by a fake product in Apple?
I’m not talking about legitimate wireless headphones for competitors, of which there are many excellent options (not so). I concrete in the products designed to look like and look like AirPods Real Apple, but this is simply not: they are false, eliminations, what you would like to call them, designed to fool yourself when buying the actual business for an exceptional price.

Keep healthy skepticism

Finding AirPods’s best possible offers is certainly a good strategy. But if you come a price that is simply too good to be true, it may be the case. You don’t have to worry too much about buying at a store like Amazon – although if you buy from third parties, check the seller to make sure they are legitimate – not even if you worry about buying from a large retailer like Best Buy or Walmart.
But if you see a lot in the Facebook, eBay or Craigslist market, show caution. Not buying fake airpods is the only way to avoid a scam. Real airpods are sold in these markets all the time, and finding a good deal is not impossible. But just to be safe, here is something to watch.

Watch the box well

False packaging can be a dead gift, so examine it carefully. Obviously, it is easier to do personally, but you can also ask for close images. Apple, like other technological companies, is very proud of its presentation. There will be no spelling or grammar problems with a legitimate box of Airpods, and there will also be pixeled or deformed images.

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Make sure what is inside the box should be there

Again, Apple’s packaging is uniform. Each product will include the same exact packaging from one box to another without deviations. Take a look at the AirPods model that interests you on the Apple website and see what should be included. For example, AirPods 3 should come with AirPods, a magsafe load box, USB-C lighting and documentation. If something is off – the lightning cable is USB -a instead of USB -C, say – you know you have a fake.

Check the serial number

If you have admission to the machine, checking the serial number is a fast way to sample whether it is faked or not. In AirPods or AirPods Pro, you will find the serial number under the load box grouping. At Airpods Max, it is under the left ear cushion.
Obviously, a thug can be creative and print a legitimate serial number on packaging to deceive someone to try this method. To really see the serial number linked to the AirPods themselves, you will have to associate them first and then go to the settings. In iOS 16, press your airpods, which will be listed at the top of the page. In iOS 15 or more, go to general> approximately. Select your airpods and see the serial number.
Once you have the serial number, enter the official cover of Apple Check. If the airpods are real, you can check the cover condition in this way. However, if the serial number is not valid, you will not be able to continue.

Try to configure them.

Apple has an excellent Airpods setup system for the first time. All you need to do is open the load box next to your iPhone, and a pop-up seems to guide it throughout the process.
False AirPods have trouble reproducing this easy configuration experience. If these AirPods ask you to associate with the Bluetooth settings menu, especially if they ask to attach Airpods one by one, they will be false. Apple never associates AirPods individually.
However, some bandits fell in love with the code and iOS encouraged to invite the Airpods configuration experience. With iOS 16, Apple ripid: If you try to configure a fake airpod pair with an iPhone running the new operating system, you will see a new pop-up that indicates “you can’t check the AirPods. These headphones could not be checked as Real AirPods and cannot behave as expected. You can choose not to connect them or configure them anyway in the Bluetooth settings.

Compare and nuances

Look for the technical specifications for the AirPods you bought, like AirPods 3, and compare them with the AirPods you have. Do the dimensions seem to correspond to Apple? Is the case of load the right size? Does it have a gateway instead of a USB-C? If necessary, the wireless load works and, if present, Magsafe?
The same goes for the exclusive features attributed to each Airpods model. Taking an airpod out of your ear should stop reading the song by default. The long pressure of the stem of an AirPods will bind to the crab. Double pressure from the rod will jump a track. All of these are features that can be customized later, but outside the box they must be present and operate as expected.


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