You must install iOS 16 as soon as possible

You must install iOS 16 as soon as possible.

iOS 16 is available to the iPhone, and if you have not yet updated, you must do it immediately. In addition to the important security corrections, iOS 16 provides a multitude of new features, some that will make your iPhone more pleasant and others that will facilitate use. However, everything is not yet available. Thanks to Apple’s stepped output calendar, Ipados 16 and macOS Ventura will not arrive until next month. This means that one of the best characteristics of this year has been delayed until then. But as we are about to see, there are much more where it comes from.

Personalized block screens

This is the new most obvious feature in iOS 16 because it allows you to customize the text of the clock on your lock screen and add widgets that can start applications and / or give environmental information. And for those who buy a new iPhone 14 Pro this year, these widgets work very well with the always activated screen of this model, allowing you to take a look at the net at any moment.

Apple has created a completely new application to customize the lock screen, and you access by pressing the lock screen and hold the lock screen, as in the Apple Watch. You can also define several blocking screens with your own widgets and tapestry paper, and change each other manual or automatically, depending on the time, location, etc.

Pass the keys

Passkeys may not seem the most exciting characteristic of iOS 16, but it is certainly the most important. Essentially, this allows you to forget passwords. Instead, only authentic using your phone. The system is based on public key cryptography over time, and if the website is pirate, this does not matter. The pirate cannot win anything. To connect, just have one of your devices available.

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Email and messages

The two iPhone messaging applications obtain new functions. The mail can now plan emails to send later, at the time of your choice, and you can also cancel the emails sent if you get them quickly. You can also tell the mail application to remind you of an email in the future, transforming it into a light task management application.

The messages also receive a cancellation problem, as well as the possibility of modifying messages after delivery. You can show the editing history, so that people cannot use functionality to illuminate it. The messages are not yet close to rivals such as WhatsApp and Telegram in terms of characteristics, especially for group cats, but this is slowly improving.

Dog extraction mode

This is wild and you will love it. Press, maintain and slide a photograph of a person, an animal, a flower or an object in the photographic application, and its iPhone extracts as if the subject, removing them from the posterior plane while dragging.
Then, simply slide in any document or waiting application to use it. Algorithms do an incredibly good job of clean extraction. And neither does it work only in the application of photos. Press and maintain an image in Safari, for example, and one of the contextual menu options is the copy of the subject, which does the same and copy on its clipboard, ready to paste.

But wait, there’s more

As mentioned above, we will always have to wait to obtain some of the best characteristics of iOS 16. The iCloud shared photo library, for example, allows you to create a new photo album to share with the family and seem to be the real success of ‘iOS 16.

Another informed feature is live activities, which are blocking screen widgets that update in real-time to show delivery progress, sports scores, etc. The probable explanation for delay is that the necessary tools to create live activities have not yet been made available to developers. But really, the only thing that we probably care is the new customization of the lock screen because it is great and fun. After that, everything else is just an advantage.


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